Affirmative Action

Disability Accommodation Procedures and Forms


  1. Review the policy; call Office of Staff Benefits (4150) or Director, OAA for advice.

  2. To expedite review, employee should arrange to provide their attending physician with a completed and signed Form Disability Documentation Form. Completed Form D, signed by the physician, and any attachments should be sent to Office of Affirmative Action, referencing the particular Request for Disability Accommodation.

  3. Initial determination will be made by review of the following information provided by the employee, the relevant physician, the supervisor or chair.

    1. Nature of requested accommodation;

    2. Physician's documentation and characterization of the disability

    3. History of prior accommodations, if any;

    4. Possible options for accommodations other than that requested;

    5. Possible impact on essential functions of the job, or on the program;

    6. Relative costs of accommodation.

  4. Accommodation options will be reviewed and discussed with the employee and the relevant chair or supervisor to find the most effective reasonable accommodation.

  5. The requesting employee will be part of the discussion during the review. Best efforts will be made to complete review, discussion and commence implementation of the accommodation within 30 workdays.

Accommodation Forms

I.  Accommodation Form

     Accommodation form : to be filled out by Employee

II. Documentation Form

     Documentation form : to be filled out by Physician