Athletic Training Undergraduate Advising Information

for The Advisee:

  • Attend scheduled sessions with faculty: When advising begins, faculty schedule specific times for students and email you regularly to schedule these meetings.  Often, faculty will place a sign-up sheet on the office door and invite you to sign up.  These times are the times he/she has available.  Adjust and fit advising into your schedule.

    • Group advising sessions are often scheduled in the evening and students will receive at least 2 weeks notice.  Adjust your schedule and attend the session.

  • Do NOT wait until the last minute: When you wait until the last minute, classes fill and the result is a schedule you might not want.  Plan ahead and be prepared.

  • Registrations PINS change: The PIN you used in past semesters will not work for the coming semester. In order to obtain your active PIN, you need to schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor!

  • Bring your DARS or MySAM: When meeting with faculty, bring a copy of your DARS / MySAM or be prepared to discuss what courses need to be completed. Have a list of interested courses offered to fulfill Foundational Studies requirements on hand. See: FOUNDATION STUDIES APPROVED COURSEWORK

  • Registration is done by number of credit hours, NOT your declared year in school. Don’t assume your registration time is the same as your friends.

  • If there is a HOLD on your account, you will NOT be able to register until the hold is cleared!

for The Advisor:

Below are several links to aid you in advising:

To determine the scheduling date for students, go to the Registration and Records homepage for Important dates. 
The date will be determined by the number of credits the students has earned
(not necessarily his/her declared year in school). 

To find a PIN/strong> for registration, you will need to use your faculty profile in your MyISU portal under the Advisee Information link.  Be sure to indicate the term for which the students is adding or dropping courses. 
PINS change through the registration process.