Tuition and Fees

The Following is a list of projected expenses the student will incur while enrolled in the
Occupational Therapy Program.

All expenses are subject to change without notice.

Academic Fees (tuition)
Information regarding fees may be obtained on the following website:

Indiana State University policy for withdrawal and refunds of tuition and fees

 Additional Fees:
One time seat fee to enter the program $500
Parking Permit is $125 per year
Distance Education fee is $30 per course
Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation Fees are $1,000 per semester
All Fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

 Membership Requirements:
Students are required to be Members of the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Indiana Occupational Therapy Association. Membership dues can be found on the following websites:

Other Expenses: (costs vary depending on the provider)
CPR / First Aid (annual)
Health Exam (annual)
Vaccination Review (annual)
Two step
TB Test (annual)
Hepatitis B
Personal Health Insurance (continuous throughout the program)
Background Check (may be required multiple times due to individual fieldwork requirements)
Ten Step Drug Panel
Professional Liability Insurance
Professional Dress Required by Fieldwork sites

Students will need to have access to some form of transportation. Most Level I and Level II Fieldwork sites are located off campus and require personal transportation. When on Fieldwork, students may also be required to commute or use public transportation dependent on the location of housing. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the student.

The OT program develops Fieldwork sites that are local and at a distance (nationwide). Depending on the location, students may need to obtain short term housing to meet Fieldwork requirements.  Housing costs are the responsibility of the student.

Text Books & Educational Resources:
Students are required to purchase the current edition of required textbook(s) and educational resources. Students must abide by copyright laws. Textbook lists can be found as students register for courses or on the Barnes and Noble ISU Bookstore website. The OT program does not regulate where textbooks are purchased. The online textbook list contains ISBN numbers to correctly identify the textbook. For convenience, the Barnes and Noble ISU Bookstore also stocks textbooks for purchase. The ISU Bookstore supports ISU students by returning some of the profits from textbook sales to the University for Student Activities and Scholarships.

Educational Materials:
Select courses may require the student to purchase additional materials.

 Financial Aid
Information regarding Financial Aid for Graduate Studies is located at

 Seat Fee
Seat fees were established to identify students that are truly interested in matriculating into the OT program.

  • Money raised from the seat fee will be used for the following:

    • Clinical polo shirts (embroidered ISU OT)

    • Name tags / Lanyards

    • NBCOT Practice Exam

    • AOTA Student Membership (1 year)

    • IOTA Student Membership (1 Year)

    • Support towards for Phi Theta Epsilon (OT Honor Society) Support

    • Support towards for the Student Occupational Therapy Association at ISU

    • Community Projects

    • Support towards attendance at Professional Meetings (ASD, AOTA conference, Student enclave)

    • Support towards Student Missions Projects

    • OT Class Meetings

    • Support towards OT Pinning

The Graduate Student Success Financial Calculator, GradSense – recently developed by the Council of Graduate Schools – is now available on the CGPS website!  This tool provides students with salaries for specific professional fields, along with the costs and average debt of particular degrees and advice on affording a graduate education.  The data base is extensive and I hope for it to be a tool that our students and potential students will use in planning their graduate and professional degrees.

 There are two links:

 Under Fees and Financial Assistance:


 And under Sycamore EXPRESS for Graduate Students, under “Financial Assistance"

 Also, you can access GradSense directly at: