Doctor of Physical Therapy - Prerequisite Coursework (Print Version)

Applicants are encouraged to complete as many prerequisite courses as possible prior to submitting the online application for admission. Please note that prospective students may submit an application while enrolled in the prerequisites, but all courses must be completed prior to starting the DPT program and be completed within the past 7 years. A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required for admission into the physical therapy program. The degree can be in any field; however, coursework must include (either as part of the degree requirements or in addition to the requirements) the following pre-requisites:

  • Human Anatomy (with lab). One course in Human Anatomy or the first course in the series of Anatomy and Physiology I&II. Anatomy content should include skeletal and muscular systems of the human body. Equivalent of  ISU BIO 231 & lab or ATTR 210 & lab

  • Physiology (with lab). One course in Physiology or the second course in the series of Anatomy and Physiology I&II. Physiology content should cover various systems including: cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, etc. Equivalent of  ISU BIO 241 & lab or PE 220 & lab

  • Biology (4 credits, with a lab) - In addition to Human Anatomy and Physiology listed above, one or two courses from the field of biology, not to include Botany). ISU Bio 112 & lab or BIO 101 & lab, BIO 102 & lab

  • General Chemistry I (4 credits, with lab). Content must include atomic and molecular structure. This course should be the first in the Chemistry I&II series. Equivalent of ISU CHEM 105 & lab

  • General Chemistry II (4 credits, with lab) - In addition to Chemistry I listed above. This course should be the second course in the Chemistry I&II series and must include a lab. ISU CHEM 106 & lab

  • General Physics I (4 credits, with lab). Non-calculus or calculus based. Equivalent to ISU PHYS 105 & lab

  • General Physics II (4 credits, with lab). Non-calculus or calculus based. Equivalent to ISU PHYS 106 & lab

  • Statistics (3 credits). Course content should include mean, median, mode, standard deviation, t-tests, etc. Equivalent of ISU HLTH 340 Biostatistics

  • Medical Terminology (3 credits) Must be taken prior to or may be taken concurrently with first DPT summer session course.). Equivalent of ISU ATTR 225 Medical Terminology

  • Abnormal Psychology (3 credits). Students must complete Abnormal Psychology.  Equivalent of ISU PSY 368 Abnormal Psychology

  •  Additional Psychology Course (3 credits). In addition to Abnormal Psychology, students must complete an additional psychology course. Recommended courses equivalent of ISU PSY 266 or PSY 356

  • Humanities, Diversity (6 credits). ISU equivalency EXAMPLES: PHIL 101, PHIL 190, PHIL 303, AFRI 113, AFRI 212, AFRI 222, ENG 340, ENVI 130, EPSY 341, PSCI 105, SOCI 110, REL 190, REL 250

  • Recommended (Course in Clinical Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Personal Computer Basics, Communications)