Contatos em ISU: Professores do Programa

Dr. Eurico Ferreira: Coordenador e Professor de Finanças

Eurico FerreiraProfessor Ferreira’s teaching over the years has focused on Investments, Corporate Finance, Speculative Markets, Portfolio Management, Financial Institutions, Research in Finance, International Financial Management, and Real Estate Investment at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.

"The most important attribute to be effective in the classroom and, hence to deliver a good performance, is to create an atmosphere of credibility. This means that a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the material and class-preparation are absolute must. A teacher must be 100% prepared for each and any lecture. Students have this right and a teacher has this duty. If students feel your enthusiasm and realize that you put a substantial effort into teaching they will respond by doing the same. Credibility is in my opinion the most important attribute of a teacher. Teaching requires a commitment to the task and should not be regarded as a task we are required to do as part of our academic career. Students are able to detect this type of attitude and will respond accordingly."

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Dr. Jon Hawes: Professor de Marketing e Negócios Negotation

Jon HawesProfessor Hawes' was awarded Associate Member status in the University Sales Center Alliance in 2010. He created and equipped the Sales and Negotiations Lab in 2009 then again in 2012 as they moved into a new facility with implementation of the CinergyIT Interact Sales Lab system. Completed the Career Development Certificate program hosted by Chally Worldwide and sponsored by the Sales Education Foundation in 2012. He developed and obtained approval for: the Sales Management Track within the Marketing Major, the Sales and Negotiations Minor, the Insurance Sales Certificate, and the Medical Sales Certificate in 2009 and managed a revision in 2011.

Hawes' recruited students for these programs and promoted sales as a career of first choice. He has taken groups of students to: Indiana University’s Team Selling Competition (October 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012), National Collegiate Sales Competition (March 2010, 2011), and the Tom Hopkins Seminar on "Closing the Sales in Tough Times" in Cincinnati during May 2010.

The ISU sales program was ranked for the first time as a "top sales program" in the University Sales Education Foundation’s publication during his first year as Director and every since. He established and managed the Sales and Negotiations Center Group on LinkedIn. Established and coordinated the Sales Career Exploration Event which averaged over 100 participants in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Received funding and coordinated the State Farm Circle of Influence Speaker Series in 2012 and hosted Tom Black in 2012 and Mike Bosworth in 2013 as keynoter speakers. Formed the Sales Advisory Council and recruited outstanding executives. Donations received to date total $261,130 in cash and gifts-in-kind. Grants and revenue from operations to date total $16,932.

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Dr. Joe Harder: Professor de Sistemas de Informações Gerenciais e Motorsports

Joe Harder

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