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What is LEAP?

ISU’s LEAP is a summer bridge program that provides instruction in the basic skills needed to succeed in college. In addition to receiving this preparation, students who successfully complete LEAP will earn 3 college credits. This 3-week residential program provides the following benefits:

                                           LEAP STUDENT PERFORMANCE

                                    Average HS-GPA for 2014 LEAP participants:  2.37

                                    Average HS-GPA of all other 2014 ISU admits:  3.11


                Percentage of 2014 LEAP students in good academic standing Spring 2015:  86%

             Percentage of all other 2014 ISU student in good academic standing Spring 2015:  85%


                      Percentage of 2014 LEAP students with 3.0 or higher GPA in high school:  0%

          Percentage of 2014 LEAP students with 3.0 or higher GPA after the first semester:  24%


Students must log-in, register, and pay your deposit for the program. To register for LEAP, follow these three easy steps (you will leave this page, and must return to complete registration):

  1. Activate your Sycamore Login (Student Portal):
    • Your 991 (Student ID Number) can be found on your Letter of Acceptance from the Office of Admissions.
    • Note the detailed requirements when choosing your password.
    • Once your Login is activated, it will show you what your username is. Keep both your username and password in a safe place. You will use this often throughout college. Usernames are typically the first letter of your first name, with your last name, and possibly a digit. For example, John Smith’s Sycamore Login may be jsmith78. John’s full email address would be
  2. Register for LEAP using your new Sycamore Login and password:
    • Be sure to click “Submit” at the end to make sure your spot is saved. Confirmation and reminder emails will be sent to your new Sycamore Email Account
  3. Check your Sycamore Email




What do students say about the LEAP Program?                    photogallery


LEAP student achieves the Dean's list her first semester at ISU and participates in the isu TV Spot: We're for you!