Center for Student Success

Academic Advisement

The CFSS advisement staff subscribe to the NACADA Statement of Core Values for Academic Advisement  can be found at



Academic advising provides a comprehensive array of services aimed at aiding students in the development and implementation of appropriate and meaningful educational plans.  The academic advising program is based on a developmental and collaborative approach which promotes both the human and intellectual growth of students.


  1. To provide academic advising services to students assigned to the CFSS;
  2. To help students make well-informed choices regarding classes, majors, and other learning experiences;
  3. To help students develop appropriate academic and personal goals;
  4. To introduce students to the purpose and value of liberal education;
  5. To refer students to appropriate support services as needed;
  6. To serve as a liaison between students and other university offices and personnel;
  7. To encourage students to become self-reliant and to take responsibility for their academic success and progress toward degrees;
  8. To guide students toward the development of critical thinking and life management skills necessary for life long learning and achievement;
  9. To help students gain a clear understanding of institutional policies, procedures, and resources;
  10. To encourage students to develop positive connections with university and community programs and personnel.