Center for Student Success

Supplemental Instruction

FALL 2013  Schedule

***These free weekly sessions generally begin the second week of the semester and are available for free to all students enrolled in the following courses.


AHS 340.301 Ferng Christina  Avary
M 6p-9p; T 3p-5p; F 9a-10a; Su 7p-10p
  Cun. Library
AHS 340.301, 302, 304 Ferng Tammy Brown
M W 8p-12a (online); T R 11a-12:30p
(atrium Univer Hall): F 9a-10a (online)
  **see day
 ATTR 210.003 Northan Jessica LaTourette
M W 7p-9p
  S 315
  BIO 101 Tuttle Jaimie Klemish
M 3p-4p; T 4p-5p; R 6p-7p
  S 173
  BIO 112 O'Keefe, Bakken Erin Brown
R 6p-9p
  Cun. Library, 2nd fl NE corner
 BIO 112.001 Bakken Shelby Sands
M T W 8p-9p
  Rhoads Hall Lounge
 BIO 231. 001,002,003 Hughes Erin Reeves
M 5:30p-7p; W 5:30p-7p
  S 299
BIO 274.001 Ford Faith Fear T 6:30p-8p   S 214
CHEM 100.401 Gunawardane Seth Lutjemeyer
M W 3:30p-5p
  S 0018
CHEM 103.001 Inlow Jessica Stanfield W 5p-8p   S 0061
CHEM 105 Rosenhein Dan Burkett MW 5p-6:30p   S 0022
CHEM 105 Glendening Caitlyn East W 7p-8:;30p; R 11a-12:30p   W-S0018
R- Root 14
 CHEM  105.005 Jeewandara Anna Walls M 6p-7:30p; R 1p-2:30p   Mon-S 59
Thurs-Arena C90
 CHEM 351 Kjonaas Aric King MT 5p-6:30p   S 0022
ECON 100.001 Guell Patrick Landwehr T 3:30p-4:45p; W 3:05p-4:20p   Dreiser 238
 ECON 100.004 Guell Madison Quick T R 2p-3:30p; R 7p-8:30p   UH 313
 ECON 101.001 Guell Miranda Goodwin TW 4:45p-6:15p   Stalker 301
  ECON 103.001 Israel Emily Richards MWF 10a-10:50a   HH 007
  ECON  201 Israel Diana Marshall Sun 6p-7:30p; M 6p-7:30p   UH 102
  ECON       100.001,005,006 Youslf William Mayfield M 6p-8p; Sun 8p-9-   HH 008
  EES 170.001 Stone Jared Foster T 1p-3p; R 2p-3p   S 168
ENVI 360 Brake Jeffrey Latka M 11a-12noon; T 1p-2p; R 1p-2p   Science 172
ENVI 361 Latimer Natasha Terrell M 4:15p-6:15p; T 3p-5p; W 11a-1p
& 1p-2p
  HH 18A
HIST 202 Fairbanks Kendra MCrea M 4p-6p; T 3p-5p; W 4p-6p   MW-Stalker 306; R-UH 201
HLTH 604 Ferng Samar Alshenawi MWR 1p-4p; Sat. 1p-3p   Online
NURS 104 P.Jones Emily Chatman T 5p-6p; F 5p-7p   UH 202
NURS 104 P.Jones Seonga Lee M 4p-5p; T 3p-5p   UH 101
NURS 104 P.Jones Jordon Shipp MW 4:30p-6p         UH 208  
NURS 218 Crawford Tyler Britton M 4p-6p; T 3p-5p; W 4p-6p   MW - Stalker 306 T- UH 201
NURS 218 Crawford Tyler Britton      
NURS 224 Cannon Jaclyn Bonifant MW 5p or prior to class   Cun. Library
NURS 309 Cannon Lindsay Morgan T 2p-5p   UH Atrium
NURS 324 Moore Jessica Deaton TR 5:30p-7p   UH 107
NURS 327 Moore Nathan May M 3p-4:30p; F 12:30-2p   Sandison Lower Level
NURS 328 Walters Joy McCall W 3:30p-6:30p       Sandison Lower Level   
NURS 330 Pirtle Emily Cook M 2p-5p   Myers Tech 206
NURS 338 Bower Cassandra Byrd MW 12noon-1:30p   FH 302
NURS 424 Weust Desiree Huebner T 11a-12:30p(N106); R 11a-12:30p   N106 or N210
PHYS 105.002 Zhang Jason Bonacum      
PSCI 201 Bergbower Evan Norris Sun 8:30p-10p; W6:30p-8p   Cun. Library 2nd floor lounge
SOWK 130.001, .004 Lugar Megan Aker TR 3:30p-6:30p   N 328B
SOWK 130.001, .004 Lugar Emily Price T 3:30p-6:30p; W 7p-10p   Cun. Library

Questions? Call the Center for Student Success at 237-2700