Travel Authorization submitted after travel has occurred

If you are leaving campus for ISU Business, whether it is across the street or around the world, you need to submit a Travel Authorization prior to your departure.  If you choose to travel on ISU business without a TA, this is a concern for the university not only with regard to policy and procedure, but also for the sake of insurance and liability purposes.   In accordance with IRS regulations, the University has an accountable plan that allows us to reimburse employees for authorized business expenses with no effect on taxable compensation.  The accountable plan rules apply to all reimbursements to employees for authorized business expenses, both travel and non-travel related.  If a Travel Authorization is not processed prior to travel, the reimbursement to the employee will be included in the employee’s wages, subject to tax withholding, and reported to the IRS.

It is for your benefit and the university that proper procedure is followed to ensure you have been approved to travel  and to enable our office to account for you in the event of a catastrophic event occurring. 

Please note:  If you choose to travel without a Travel Authorization, your request for reimbursement will have to go through Payroll on a One Time Only form.  The following paperwork will need to be processed:

  1. One Time Only form—Fill in the form with your information regarding the trip.  Account code is 66070.  This form is located on the Payroll website.  Here is a quick link:

  2. Memo stating your reason for not following ISU Travel policy and procedure.  This should be signed by you, your Department Head and Dean (if applicable).

  3. Travel Reimbursement Request form—This is for auditing your travel costs only. Signatures are not necessary on this form. This form is located on the Travel Home page. Here is a quick link:

  4. Attach all original receipts for travel costs to be reimbursed to the Travel Reimbursement Request form.

Once you have filled out all paperwork, attach everything to the One Time Only form and send according to the instructions provided.