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Any travel submitted after 60 days of your return will become taxable income and must be processed on a One Time Only.

*New policy regarding travel without a Travel Authorization.


Important! Direct Deposit Required for Travel Reimbursement

TRAVEL PACKAGES: In order to save money, some travelers may consider booking a package (airfare, hotel, car rental) on a discount website such as Expedia, Orbitz or Priceline. The IRS requires that the expense of each travel component (airfare/hotel/car/etc.) be listed out separately on an itemized statement from the vendor.  Without proper substantiation, expense reimbursements will be treated as taxable income. If you choose to purchase a travel package and cannot obtain an itemized breakdown of each cost, then you will have to file your travel reimbursement through Payroll on a One Time Only form.

Check out our Winter Travel Newsletter (.pdf).

Reimbursement rates for use of your personal vehicle for University business travel have been updated. Click here for details.

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