A Travel Authorization Form must be filled out and funds encumbered for overnight lodging.


Make your hotel reservation using our new ISU Hotel Reservation Program, which is offered in partnership with Hotels.com. When using this program to make hotel reservations for University travel, you will be able to charge your room to our new ISU hotel credit card. You will need a Travel Authorization number before you can make your reservation. Important – Remember to print out a copy of the confirmation email you will receive from Hotels.com to attach to your Travel Reimbursement Request form. Some hotels will not give you a detailed receipt if you book your reservations online, so it is imperative that you print your reservation information at the time you book your lodging. A copy of the confirmation email and/or a copy of the hotel invoice are needed for proof to pay subsistence.

Please note: The Hotels.com program does not offer conference rates. We advise you to check the rate offered through ISU’s program since it may often be equal to or less than the conference rate.

You will still need to use your personal credit card for personal hotel reservations.

The traveler will be reimbursed after the trip has been taken by filing a Travel Reimbursement Request. If you did not make your reservations online, you must submit an original form issued by the hotel. Reproduction of the original bill or a credit card charge receipt is not considered an acceptable receipt. A faxed copy of the receipt from the hotel is acceptable.


The following are allowable reimbursements:


The following are non-reimbursable:


When sharing a room with an ISU employee or student, the total room charge may be claimed by only one traveler as long as it is noted on each of the Travel Reimbursement Request forms involved.

If each person is claiming their prorated share of the total room charge, the travelers will need to request a hotel bill to be issued in both of their names.

The Travel Reimbursement Request forms must reflect the room was shared and with whom it was shared.

If the expense of the lodging is being paid in total by the traveler but is for lodging for one or more additional persons not affiliated with ISU (i.e. spouse, relative, friend, or roommate), proof of single occupancy room rate must be obtained from the hotel, and included when submitting your Travel Reimbursement Request.