The University will prepay registration fees for a conference. A Check Request must be processed to prepay a registration fee.  Attach your personal check for any non-reimbursable fees (spouse, “night on the town”). Forward the registration form plus a copy to the Travel desk in the Office of the Controller for payment. Please allow 5 days for processing.

Registration fees are now accepted on the Procurement card, effective January 1, 2011. When registering an individual for an off-campus conference, you can now put that expense on the Procard. If the expense is greater than your credit limit, you will need to pay via check request or personal credit card. All University travel must be approved prior to payment of registration fees with the Procard. Please make sure you have a Travel Authorization in place prior to your trip.

Policies and procedures regarding the Procurement Card may be found by visiting the website:
Purchasing Card
For additional questions regarding this process, contact Donna Scarbrough, (812) 237-3519,

The traveler can prepay for his registration with a credit card or check but will not be able to claim reimbursement for it until after the travel has been completed.

The traveler should register early to reserve the sessions, workshops, and lodging of your choice. You may register for any meals pertinent to the trip (such as round table discussions, seminars, or speakers). Be sure not to claim subsistence on your Travel Reimbursement Request for the meals that are included.

If the form includes registration for a “night on the town”, tour, or other such fun, sign up remembering that such events are considered entertainment, and thus, you pay for them yourself. If you are registering online via the web, be sure to print off the registration page before actually completing to be used for payment or subsistence.