Employees cannot be reimbursed for the same travel expenses from an outside organization and the University.  Any travel submitted after 60 days of your return will become taxable income and must be processed on a One Time Only.


Starting July 1, 2010, employees will be required to sign up for direct deposit for travel reimbursements. Direct deposit will facilitate a significant cost savings and provide a more efficient means of payment disbursement. Reducing the number of checks sent through U.S. mail and campus mail also reduces the likelihood of lost checks.

Click here to sign up for direct deposit for travel reimbursements. (Direct deposit for reimbursement is separate from direct deposit for payroll.) Please contact the travel department at or if you have any questions.

Travel Packages

In order to save money, some travelers may consider booking a package (airfare, hotel, car rental) on a discount website such as Expedia, Orbitz or Priceline. The IRS requires that the expense of each travel component (airfare/hotel/car/etc.) be listed out separately on an itemized statement from the vendor. Without proper substantiation, expense reimbursements will be treated as taxable income.

If you choose to purchase a travel package and cannot obtain an itemized breakdown of each cost, then you will have to file your travel reimbursement through Payroll on a One Time Only form.


Subsistence includes meals, tips, porters, and other miscellaneous incidental expenses. Subsistence is reimbursed based on location of lodging. Subsistence for overnight travel on University business will be based on federal per diem rates for the Continental United States (CONUS). This includes travel within the State of Indiana. All foreign travel will be reimbursed using Federal Foreign Travel Reimbursement Rates (OCONUS). All travel required to follow state regulations (state grants) will be reimbursed at the approved state per diem rates. Subsistence is paid at the rate applicable to the location of lodging obtained for the night. If city is not found on the CONUS list then the lowest CONUS rate is applicable. On the day travel status begins and on the day travel status ends, the rate will be 75% of one day’s subsistence. Persons are allowed to claim subsistence and lodging one day before and one day after the date of ISU business.

The following link provides help for finding per diem rates for Alaska, Hawaii, and other US Territories:

When reimbursement for subsistence is claimed, the traveler shall verify that no meals were furnished. The exceptions being:

The subsistence allowance shall be reduced for each meal furnished gratis to the traveler or included in a registration fee as followed:

You must submit a hotel bill in order to pay subsistence. Subsistence is based on the CONUS rate of the city in which the traveler spent the night.

Due to IRS regulations, Per Diem that is offered for one day travel ($20 same day rate) is considered taxable income to the employee. Effective September 1, 2009, one-day per diem is no longer available.


The actual cost of meals may be claimed in lieu of subsistence ONLY if the expenses are LESS than or EQUAL to the total subsistence allowed. Receipts must be provided. We do not reimburse for alcoholic beverages.