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Staff Directory


  • Director: Crystal Baker
  • Associate Director of Outreach: Brenda Hall
  • Associate Director of Client Services: Sara Monday
  • Associate Director of Operations: Charlene Shivers
  • Assistant Director of Enrollment Management: Ann Malloy

Client Services

  • Financial Aid Counselor: Darla Grigg
  • Financial Aid Counselor: Donna Simmonds
  • Financial Aid Counselor: Brandie Perry

Processing Area

  • Processing Supervisor: Helen Aker
  • Processing Supervisor: Lois Ellis
  • Processing Specialist: Carmen DeWitt
  • Processing Specialist: Audré Brickey
  • Processing Specialist: Heather Wells
  • Processing Specialist: Candy Cook
  • Processing Specialist: Stacy Gregg
  • Processing Specialist: Diana Kemp
  • Operations Coordinator: Pat Garvin

Systems Area

  • Systems Manager: Deirdre Mahan
  • Systems Coordinator: Adam Gaunt
  • Graduate Assistant: Ben Beasley


Student Financial Aid
220 North 7th Street
150 Tirey Hall
Indiana State University
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