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Affiliation Agreements

Status Information

Current - agreement up-to-date - current; should be no issues with using facility - To arrange clinical at a current agency, contact the Director of Nursing or Nursing Education at that facility.

Up for Renewal -  agreement is current - ready for use, but is up for renewal

To use a facility for clinical, please contact the agency in advance of the beginning of the course.  Many agencies request at least a month's notice in order to properly prepare for clinical situations. 

If An agreement has yet to be approved for an agency - the agreement is IN PROCESS

The average time for the entire process of finalizing a new agreement can take 2 - 4 months, but may take longer.  This timeframe should be considered when deciding when to request a new agreement for future semesters.

Status Information

Pending - The request to initiate an agreement has been received and the agency is currently being contacted.

Initiated - The agency has been contacted and the agreement is currently being reviewed by the agency.

Under Review - The agreement is currently under review by ISU.

Routed for Approval - The agreement has been routed for approval by the Provost.

Returned for Signatures -  The agreement has been approved by ISU and has been returned to the agency for final approval.

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