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History of Nursing at ISU

The Baccalaureate Nursing Program at Indiana State University admitted its first class of students in September 1963. Currently, the program is housed in two nursing departments within the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services.

The traditional four-year campus-based baccalaureate degree nursing track and the accelerated 2nd degree track are administered through the Department of Baccalaureate Nursing. Distance education tracks for students entering the program with registered nurse licensure and for students entering with licensed practical nurse licensure are administered through the Department of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion.

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing combines theory and clinical nursing courses, required support courses, and Foundational Studies courses. 

The baccalaureate degree program is recognized as the basic preparation for professional nursing practice and prepares the graduate as a generalist. Baccalaureate graduates are prepared to provide direct and indirect nursing care.  The graduate also is prepared as a communicator, educator, and advocate, and can assume beginning leadership roles.

Baccalaureate nursing education is foundational for graduate study in nursing. 

In January 1986 a program of graduate nursing studies leading to a master of science degree was initiated. It is now housed in a third department, the Department of Advanced Practice Nursing.

The purpose of the nursing curricula is to prepare an educated person and contributing citizen to function as a competent, caring practitioner of nursing for diverse client populations. The bachelor of science degree is the basic level of preparation offered as a nursing degree at ISU.