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Indiana State University offers the educational specialist degree (Ed.S.) in school administration to provide an opportunity for career development in elementary or secondary school administration. The Ed.S. provides this opportunity and can qualify students for the Indiana Standard Superintendent's License as well as other leadership positions in education.

  • The Ed.S. in school administration is a 66-credit-hour program regarded as an intermediate practitioner's degree and, as such, is a continuation of work completed in pursuit of the master of education.
  • The objective of the degree is to develop those skills and competencies needed to serve in positions of leadership in school or district situations. The program is designed to serve public and private sector working professionals for positions of leadership in either setting.
  • The program is delivered through a blended online education program using a combination of interactive online sessions augmented by required on-campus sessions on Saturday three (3) times each semester.
  • The program is often completed in 1-2 years for students taking 2-3 courses per semester, including the summer session. Students do have the option of extending the program and choosing a less aggressive schedule.
  • The program supports a rolling curriculum, allowing students to start the program any semester or during the summer session.
  • The program includes a practicum for students in the central office internship experience.
  • This program may or may not lead to licensure in your home state. The courses required in these programs prepare the student for licensure or certification in the State of Indiana. Please contact your state licensing authority to assure that, upon completion of the program, you are qualified to obtain a license or other form of certification. If you need assistance obtaining contact information for the licensing authority in states outside of Indiana, contact Indiana State Online representatives at (812) 237-2345 or Further restrictions may be found in the state specific information under the program availability link.

Learn more by viewing Indiana State Universities' K-12 Leadership Video or by visiting the EDLR Blog - K-12 Educational Leadership @ ISU.

Note: Up to 39 hours of previous graduate coursework may be substitutable for select courses in the 66-credit-hour Ed.S. curriculum. As such, students often complete their Ed.S. degree in as little as 15 months. Each student's specific circumstance will be evaluated by a member of the faculty at the time of admission.

Required Courses:

All courses are offered online. On-campus visits are required on Saturday three times per semester. High-speed Internet access is required.

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Admission Requirements:

Applicants must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. Hold a master's degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. Have graduate work and experience commensurate with the student's objectives as evaluated by a committee appointed by the associate dean of the Bayh College of Education.
  3. Have an undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 or above
  4. Have a graduate grade point average of 3.25 or above with no deficiencies in the area chosen for advanced graduate study.
  5. Complete the General Tests of the Graduate Record Examinations, Graduate Management Admission Test, or Miller Analogies. As an alternative, applicants may substitute three years of successful experience as a school administrator for the Graduate Record Examinations, Graduate Management Admission Test, or Miller Analogies score requirement for admission.
  6. Submit three letters of recommendation supporting the applicant's admission to the educational specialist degree program.
  7. Hold or be eligible for the Standard License for either Elementary School Administration and Supervision or Secondary School Administration and Supervision.

Note: Students with strong credentials may be considered for admission even if one of 3, 4, or 5 is slightly below the standard. Admission requires the approval of the admissions committee, the departmental chairperson, and the dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Progress toward the Degree:

During the period of study leading to the educational specialist degree, a graduate student must show evidence of sound scholarship and ability to carry out a research project. He or she must meet the following standards to retain good standing as a graduate student:

  • Maintain an average of 3.25 or above in all graduate work
  • Complete a program of 66 hours of graduate study (including all work taken beyond the baccalaureate degree) according to the specific requirements of the major field to which he or she has been admitted
  • Earn a minimum of 27 hours of graduate credit beyond the master's degree at Indiana State University
  • Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of work after admission to the program
  • Spend at least one semester or two consecutive five-week summer terms in full-time study (nine credit hours during the regular academic year, four credit hours during each five week summer session) at Indiana State University after admission to the educational specialist degree program
  • Have no encumbrances on his/her record

Time Limitation:

A student must complete all educational specialist degree requirements within eight years following admission to the program. Of the 27 hours of required graduate credit, no graduate credit will be counted toward the educational specialist degree if the student enrolled for the work more than five years before enrollment in the program. The Graduate Student Appeals Committee of the Graduate Council must approve exceptions to this policy.


The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

All education licensure programs and related school programs are accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply online.
  2. Submit the following materials to Indiana State University, Graduate Admissions, Welcome Center, 318 North Sixth Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809-1904. E-transcripts should be sent to
    • Official transcripts for all institutions attended (undergraduate and graduate).
    • Official GRE scores. Verification of three years of professional administration experience by Central Office administration can substitute for the GRE requirement.
    • A nonrefundable application fee of $45.00 (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) or $65.00 (international students) payable by Visa, MasterCard, or check or money order payable to Indiana State University.
  3. Please upload and attach the following as part of the online application process:
    • Resume / curriculum vitae
    • Personal narrative of professional goals and past experiences
    • Documentation of all licenses and certifications held
    • Three letters of recommendation from persons who can comment on the applicant's potential as a school/district leader

Note: An application is also available for students preparing for their central office internship experience.

GRE Information:

We do not have minimum performance expectations on the GRE nor do we use GRE scores in isolation from other components of your application given that the research on its use for admissions decisions emphasizes the benefits of the GRE in combination with other application elements. However, stronger scores are always more advantageous than weaker scores. Thus, we advise that students take the time to adequately prepare for the exam, including purchasing a test prep guide, and/or consider taking a test prep course. Guide materials can be obtained from most bookstores.

The GRE can be scheduled and taken at any Sylvan or Prometric Learning Center and your unofficial scores will be available to you immediately after the exam given that the test is taken on computer. Please email your unofficial scores to the EDLR Office immediately after taking the exam to: since your official scores will generally not be received by the College of Graduate and Professional Studies for approximately 3 weeks.

Financial Aid & Assistance:

Graduate students may be eligible for federal student loans if they are admitted into graduate degrees (or first-time teacher certification programs) and meet other eligibility requirements. Certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Private alternative loans can help students pay college expenses that may not be covered by federal loan programs or other financial aid. For more information, visit financial aid.

In addition, students may be eligible for payment plans and veterans benefits.

Departmental scholarships are also offered as well as other Bayh College of Education scholarships and awards. Representatives of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies are available to assist applicants' research opportunities for financial support for students wishing to further pursue financial aid options.

Further Information:

For further information and assistance, contact:

Indiana State Online
(812) 237-2345

Indiana State Online Students Residing Outside of Indiana: Each of the states has its own approval processes for out-of-state institutions offering online degrees. While Indiana State University endeavors to offer all of its programs to as wide an audience as possible, all ISU online programs may not be available in all states. Currently, online programs are not offered in the state of Massachusetts. To check the status of programs available in a particular state, visit program availability.

The Graduate Catalog and Undergraduate Catalog of Indiana State University are the documents of authority for all students. The requirements given in the catalogs supersede information issued by any academic department, program, college, or school. The University reserves the right to change the requirements at any time.