Construction employees are required to park with a Construction Permit in Lot N (11th and Chestnut), Lot R (1st and Water), or Lot S (1st and Chestnut) when regular classes are in session.  Contractors will be allowed to request an appropriate number of permits depending upon the project size for “core campus” parking.  These permits should be used for carpooling or transporting employees to/from the construction and the construction parking lots.   Contractors will also be allowed to have 2 foreman construction permits per project which will allow the foreman direct access to the construction project. 

When regular classes are not in session (i.e. weekends, Fall Break, Winter Recess, and summer sessions [the Monday after commencement thru one week before move-in]) contractors and their employees will be allowed to park in any regular/open lot on campus with a construction permit unless the lot is reserved for an event. 

To order permits, email Parking Services at or visit the office at 210 N. 6th street, Terre Haute, IN