B/Md Rural health program

The Rural Health Program is offered jointly by Indiana State University and the Indiana University School of MedicineThe mission of the program is to address the rural health needs of the State of Indiana by providing increased opportunities for residents from rural communities to obtain education and training in medicine.

Students admitted to the Rural Health Program will complete a baccalaureate degree at Indiana State University in a major chosen from approximately 125 degree programs.  After successfully completing the four-year undergraduate degree at Indiana State, students who have completed all program components and met the grade point average and MCAT requirements will matriculate to the Indiana University School of Medicine to begin training as a medical doctor. 


Program highlights


Like father, like daughter
September 3, 2009

ISU student Kelly Loman is making rounds in hopes of providing quality health care to rural communities.

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Admission requirements

To be admitted to the Rural Health Program, high school seniors must:

Matriculation to Indiana University School of Medicine requires:

Application process

Students who wish to apply to the Rural Health Program should submit a complete application packet by November 15 of the high school senior year.  Complete packets include:

  1. ISU Admissions Application

  2. Rural Health Program Application

  3. Personal Essay

  4. Three Letters of Recommendation (from your principal, a teacher, and an adult who is not a relative)

  5. Official high school transcripts

All applications are reviewed by the Rural Health Program committee in consultation with the School of Medicine's Admission Committee.  Finalists will be invited for interviews.

Meet the Current BA/MD Rural Health Scholars