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Every AmeriCorps member must complete 2 reflections per month which are due on the last day of the month. Read below for details on how to complete these reflections.

  1. Monthly Professional Development Session Reflections: ONE reflection will be completed during the Monthly Professional Development sessions (MPD) organized and hosted by AmeriCorps staff and sites. You are required to attend at least 1 MPD session per month.
  2. Website Reflections: The other reflection is posted on our website (see options below). You must complete (1) website reflection each month, and email your response in a Word document to an AmeriCorps Staff member – Jennifer Christian (jennifer.christian@indstate.edu), Vanessa Granger-Belcher  (vgrangerbelch@sycamores.indstate.edu), Caryle Petro (cpetro@sycamores.indstate.edu). Each member will choose his/her own reflection assignment from the ones listed below. The reflection is not ‘assigned’, therefore members should choose the one most applicable to his/her service, experience, or preference. You may not complete the same reflection more than once. Website reflections must be at least 1 page, single-spaced, and 12 point font. For artistic reflections, we expect you will use appropriate judgment. Our goal is to provide opportunities that allow you to make the most of your experiences. You will receive from your service, what you put into your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. May I count reflections toward my hours?
    The MPD sessions, organized by AmeriCorps staff and sites, do count toward your hours. However, you cannot count the website reflections toward your hours.
  2. May I work ahead and complete the website reflections early?
    Yes. You will be required to complete a specific number of reflections consistent with the length of your service commitment. For example, if you’re serving 8 months and you need 2 reflections per month, then you need to complete a total of 16 reflections. You may send more than 2 reflections per month, thereby meeting the requirement before the final month of your service.

Please direct all questions about reflections and monthly development sessions to and AmeriCorps staff member, email is the fastest way to receive a response.

Follow links below for reflections (PDF)