Safety at ISU, Be Prepared!

Safety at ISU, Be Prepared! 

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H1N1 Information

For ISU Official H1N1 page, visit ISU official Information page.

For the latest information about H1Ni in Indiana visit the Indiana State Department of Health.

Rave Alert Information

To sign up for RAVE text messaging, click here.

A University, like any other community, is subject to a number of potential natural disasters and other emergencies. While we all hope that such occurrences never happen, it has been shown time and time again that being prepared for such events is prudent.

ISU Police has created this webpage as part of the campus' ongoing emergency preparedness efforts. In the event of a disaster or emergency, ISU Homepage will contain regularly updated news, instructions, and information.

This following links will acquaint you with information essential for emergency situations.


Emergency Procedures and resources

Safety on campus - Emergency Procedures

Adverse Weather

emergency planning

How to keep informed

ISU Departments role


Alertus Emergency Messaging System

When the Alertus Desktop alert system is installed on your computer, you can identify the software with an icon located in your taskbar.

The Alertus desktop system will be activated when an event occurs that causes the ALL Hazards Siren to sound. This will result in a full-screen "pop-up" on all properly configured PC;s and MacIntosh computers connected to the ISU network, taking over the whole screen with a warning and instructions from Public Safety. An " ALL CLEAR" message will be sent when the incident has been resolved.