The faculty of the Center for Science Education are active in science teacher education, research and service on state, national and international levels. Please see the links below for their biographies and research interests. The unit is also advised by representative faculty from the science departments who comprise the Science Education Advisory Committee.


Dr. Carolyn S. Wallace, Director of the Center and Associate Professor of Science Education and Biology

Dr. Eulsun Seung, Associate Professor in Science Education and Chemistry


Science Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Dr. Carolyn S. Wallace, Science Education and Biology

Dr. Eulsun Seung, Science Education and Chemistry

Dr. Jennifer Latimer, Earth and Environmental Systems

Dr. Laurence Rosenhein, Chemistry

Dr. Peter Scott, Biology

Mrs. Della Thacker, Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction, & Media Technology

Dr. Joe West, Physics


Science Education Office Staff

Ms. Tammy Barnes, Administrative Assistant

Science Education Student Employees

Ms. Lauren Ford, Graduate Research Assistant

Ms. Ginger Kremer, Office and Lab Assistant


Ms. Katelyn Isbell, Student Undergraduate Research Assistant