How To retrieve organizational funding

Here are steps to take when you choose to spend your money. IN ALL CASES YOU MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT(S).

If you are working with the following businesses you must fill out a Purchase order BEFORE you spend the money:
Papa Johns
DIY Rentals
Graphic FX
Heinl's Flowers
Jimmy Johns
Pizza City
Square Donuts
Wise Pies Pizza

The purchase order must be filled out completely and taken to Billie Dill at the controller's office. She will go over it to ensure all of the information is correct. You will bring this to the businesses and receive your items. In MOST cases, immediately after the order is received you will fill out an agency voucher to reimburse the business of the money. The Purchase Order acts as a promissory note in most cases. More directions will be given once you meet with Billie to receive the necessary signatures.

You will either have the business invoice your organization directly or pay from your pocket and be reimbursed.  You will need to complete an Agency Voucher for each of these cases. You will bring the form COMPLETED AND SIGNED to Billie Dill. The money will be sent via check or direct deposit to the business or person who paid for the items.

Please contact Billie Dill (ext. 3522) in the Office of the Controller for other questions you may have when spending your awarded funds.