Full Proposal FAQs

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8/25: Do we need a definite commitment from persons to serve on our Advisory Council as referenced in the expectations for a full proposal?

Conceptual commitment is acceptable. Translation: If funded, they have indicated that they would be willing to serve and you say this in your proposal. No support letter from them is expected (although you can include if you wish), but a list of these persons and a short few sentence bio on each would be appropriate.

8/25: How should we consider the need for physical space?

If physical space is a need for your project, that should be discussed in the proposal. Serious, conceptual conversations with persons in a position to potentially provide space should occur and be discussed in the proposal. Binding commitments are not expected.

8/25: What does the “possibility of base funding” mean and how might that be reflected in our proposal?

These projects are envisioned to become integrated into the fabric of what we do at ISU, subject to annual reviews toward performance targets. Hence, while $5 million has been budgeted, the actual commitment over time may likely exceed this figure. What that means for proposals is the ability to integrate items with ongoing fixed costs such as personnel/faculty and being strategic in hiring over a period of years. Translation: Ask for what you feel is needed for the project to be successful, although be mindful of the expectation of providing evidence for the potential of leveraging other funding for the project to offset costs in part or in full over time.

8/25: Do we need letters of support from both internal and external partners?

Letters of support for external partners are expected. Internal letters of support are permissible but not expected. The full proposal routing form (found at the end of the Full Proposal Document on the UP website) required with all submissions can be expanded if needed beyond the persons indicated. Signatures are the proxy for their commitment. Appropriate discussion of that commitment in the proposal is expected however.

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