Programs and Services

Services offered as a part of Indiana State University's employee wellness program are free of charge. All ISU employees and their spouses are encouraged to participate in wellness programs and services.


Confidential Personal Health Coaching

The primary goal of the wellness coaching service is to support and encourage ISU employees to become proactive about their health  and quality of life. Wellness coaching will assist participants in setting realistic health goals and provide them with tools to reach those goals. Wellness coaching topics include, but are not limited to:

Stress Management

Weight Management



Tobacco Cessation

Join the University's onsite tobacco cessation clinic - Learn How to Quit (LHQ).  LHQ is a 6-week program designed to education participates about the dangers of tobacco use, the benefits of quitting, how to quit and how to stay quit. LHQ puts an emphasis on holistic wellness and encourages all participants to practice healthy dietary behaviors, get the recommended amount of physical activity (recommendations retrieved from and manage stress through a variety of techniques.  LHQ is an informal clinic.  In each session the facilitator will provide a PowerPoint presentation, followed by a LHQ group activity and group discussion.  If you are interested in joining the onsite clinic contact,

Wellness Programs


PhotoSteppin' Sycamores is a walking challenge FREE and open to all Indiana State University employees. This six-week walking program (January 20 through March 3, 2014) will be fun and motivational. All participants will receive a FREE StayFit Training Pedometer to track their steps. Each week the participant will be asked to log their steps to win prizes!! Prizes include FREE: Colts tickets, Pacers tickets, t-shirts, and various sporting goods.

The Steppin' Sycamores program will resume in January of 2015.


Biggest Loser is a 6 week to 12 week weight loss challenge with weekly weigh ins and weekly health education. This is typically an interoffice competition. So if you and some of your colleagues want to see who can lose the most healthy weight for a prize, contact to set the program up in your office!



Choose Blue is a healthy eating initiative for the ISU community. When you Choose Blue you are making the conscience effort to watch your calorie intake, manage your weight and take control of your health. Choose Blue foods are those of 400 calories or less at Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King and Sub Connection.  If you see a sycamore leaf beside a food option that means it is a Choose Blue food!


Well on Wednesdays is a program that will be hosted monthly for the Indiana State University community. The purpose of this program is to further educate and empower ISU community members to make health a priority each day. Each Well on Wednesdays program will be fun yet educational.


Learn How to Quit tobacco cessation clinic is a 6 - week program that encourages participants to utilize personal quit methods to cease the use of tobacco products.  In this program participants gain motivation through intervention activities, practice problem solving skills, build a social support team and clarify reasons to quit.  This program will resume in the Summer of 2014.


Currently, there is no Weight Watchers meeting on campus. The on campus Weight Watchers program will resume in the Fall of 2014.