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To create a campus community in which all Indiana State University employees seek health, happiness and an enriched quality of life.



The Indiana State University employee wellness program is dedicated to promoting a campus community in which all employees seek to enhance their quality of life. Each ISU employee is encouraged to make healthy, smart behavioral choices, and discover life's fullness through creating a holistically wellness life.


Meet your wellness coordinator

Indiana State University has contracted with Spectrum Health Systems to provide an on-site Wellness Coordinator for faculty and staff.  This program encourages employees and spouses to become proactive about their health and make health a priority each day.  Through wellness coaching, employees can learn about risk factors of disease, gain techniques to manage those risks and set realistic goals to improve their health. Employees are encouraged to make smart, healthy lifestyle choices for increased longevity and quality of life.


Phone: 812-237-4117

We are Indiana State University and in

2013 we are Fit Friendly!

Congratulations Indiana State University for being recognized by the American Heart Association as a Fit-Friendly worksite. This huge accomplishment reflects our dedication and perseverance to improving the health and wellness of our employees.