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Go for Fruits and Veggie in Season


Did you know that foods taste best when they are in season? And, they usually cost less than out-of-season foods that must be shipped long distances. Try these tips for making the most of seasonal produce.

1. Shop Local Market

Visit your local farmers market for delicious in-season foods. Or join a community-supported agriculture farm share in your area and get farm-fresh produce every week.

2. Grow Your Own Greens

Do you have a sunny spot for a garden or veggie planter? Select a few favorite varieties of herbs, vegetables or fruits that grow in your area. You may be surprised by the food that you can grow right in your own space. Cherry tomatoes, lettuce and radishes are easy to grow in gardens or planters in full sun.

3. Opt for U-Pick produce

Growers in your area may open their groves and gardens to the public for picking fruits and vegetables by the pound. It's a great opportunity to enjoy some exercise and fresh-picked produce.


4. Freeze in Bulk

If you end up with more veggies than you can eat, learn how to freeze them for later uses. Fruits and vegetables retain their best flavor and nutrition if eaten within 8 to 12 months of freezing!