Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study (begun in many universities in the 1970s) that is concerned with difference, history, and social justice, especially regarding gender, race, class, age, and sexuality.

The Women's Studies program at Indiana State University offers an undergraduate minor.  Our programs are interdisciplinary in nature.  Women Studies students and faculty come from a variety of disciplines and academic departments across the Indiana State University campus.  In addition to offering academic programs, the Women's Studies Program is active in facilitating and support a variety of activities and events concerned with social justice for all people. 

ISU’s Women’s Studies Program has the following goals:

To introduce the histories of women.

To understand relationships among gender, race, age, and sexuality.

To learn about same-sex, cross-sex, and cross-cultural differences.

To communicate across differences, not necessarily overcoming them.

To explore different kinds of societal oppression.

To form educated opinions.

To study the politics of education.

To know the history and practice of feminisms.

I have been a part of so much as a women's studies minor, including university and college committees, faculty searches, and fieldwork. It's no wonder my experience has been fun, diverse, and productive. (k, history major; women's studies minor)


Updated:  April, 2014