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charlotte Zietlow endowment for women faculty research grants

Consideration for this grant shall be given to Indiana State University Women tenure track faculty who meet the following criteria:

Selection Procedure: recipients of the Zietlow Women Faculty Research Grant shall be selected based on the criteria and on the recommendations of a grants committee appointed by the Provost, which is chaired by a representative from Women's Studies and which includes a majority of tenured women faculty from throughout the University. APPLICATION

The committee will consider applications from pre-tenure women faculty who have completed their first year review successfully, with primary consideration given to the quality of the application narrative itself, and the strength of the project described (potential scholarly contribution, contribution to the tenure decision, the actual work to be undertaken).  criteria generally consist of a narrative (include a reearch plan, immediate and future goals for the project, indicate contribution of the project to scholarship in the field as well as importance related to tenure decision) and C.V. accompanied by a letter of support from the Department Chair.

Statement from Charlotte Zietlow:

This endowment is intended as a stipend to support non-tenured women faculty at Indiana State University as they pursue research and personal development in their professional field which will assist them towards promotion and tenure at Indiana State University. It is my perception that financial assistance for faculty at this stage of their careers is not widely available and can be of significant importance as they develop their portfolios. No doubt the same is true for male faculty, but my experience is that women have historically had a harder row to hoe in academia, and frequently have to balance home and career to a greater extent than their male counterparts. I would hope this would give them one additional tool to help them move forward in their teaching, research and service to Indiana State University, and to the learning community in general.
Zietlow Award Recipients with Charlotte Zietlow
Shana Kopaczewski, Charlotte Zietlow, Janis Leigh, Lisa Borrero, Kathryn Berlin,             Florence Uruakpa, Edith Campbell

The first grant was awarded during the 2008-2009 academic year. The inaugural recipient was Dr. Keri Berg [now Keri Yousif]: "Under the Crinoline: Empress Eugenie and Photography"

2009 award recipients

Marcee Everly (Nursing): Decision-making of Nurse Midwives: Does location have an effect?; Barbara Eversole (Technology Management): Decision-making Styles of CEOs: a new model for human relations; Susan Hagood (Physical Education):The Impact of a Professional Development Program on 4th and 5th Grade Students' Physical Activity Levels; Mandy Reid (English): multiple projects

2010 award recipients

Mandy Reid (English): The Ideological Work of Violence: The Repression of Difference and the Discourses of Race, Sexuality, and the Nation in Louisa May Alcott's Little Men and Jo 's Boys; Jennifer Ryan (African and African-American Studies): Saved in the Club. . . Soul Music; Eulson Seung (Chemistry): Improving Undergraduate Student Understanding of Chemistry Processes; Cha Nam Shin (Nursing): Clinical Teaching Experience with Ethnically Diverse Students;  Roseanne Fairchild (Nursing): Transforming Care at the Bedside, Indiana's Rural Hospitals; Jennifer Latimer (Geology): Paleo ReFluxes to the Oceans: Potential Impact on Biogeochemical Cycles, Past Climate Change, and Implications for the Future

2011 award recipients


2012 award recipients

LaKesha Anderson (Communications): Exploring Breastfeeding and the Motherhood Myth

Azizi Arrington-Bey (Built Environment): Walls and Words: The Poetry of Interiority

Barbara Eversole (Human Resource Development): Changing Corporate Culture for Work/Life Initiatives: the Perspective of Mid-Level Management

Tina Kruger (Applied Health Sciences): Aging in the Avenues: An Intergenerational Photovoice Project

2013 award recipients

Kathryn Berlin (Applied Health Sciences): Serving as the lead author of a Jones and Bartlett health and wellness textbook: Time and resource managment for a pre-tenure woman;

Lisa Borrero (Applied Health Sciences): Retirement During the Aging Boom: An Exploration of Workplace Retirement Preparation;

Edith Campbell (Library): About the Author: Tanya Bolden in Context

Dianna Cooper-Bolinskey (Social Work): Retirement During the Aging Boom: An Exploration of Workplace Retirement Preparation Programs

Shana Kopaczewski (Communication): Mike and Mo//y: Representations of weight in a prime time sitcom

Janis Leigh (Psychology): Mindfulness-Based Diabetes Management

Florence Ojiugo Uruakpa (Applied Health Sciences): Continuing the fight against obesity among America's teens: Investigating factors that affect consumption of fruits and vegetables among teens in Terre Haute


Hantzis Leadership & Advocacy award

Award is [was] given annually to a member of the university and/or larger community in recognition of their service to the program and students. Nominees should have made a significant contribution to ISU that reflects a commitment to and leadership within the umbrella of social activism.

Student Awards

Mary Elizabeth Owens Dailey women's studies scholarship: "The Bessie"

Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to an Indiana State University student(s) who meets the following criteria:

Scholarship may be renewed annually for up to two years.

Selection Procedure: Recipients of "The Bessie" shall be selected based on the criteria and on the recommendations of a scholarship committee appointed by the Women's Studies Advisory Board

Each recipient will receive a plaque or certificate, as well as a copy of Louis E. Dailey's book, Justice Off-Balance, as long as copies are available.

2009 Inaugural award: Analyssa Noe

2010: Jennifer Wallace

2011:  Elizabeth Smit

2013:  Hannah Brant

Coordinator's Award

The Coordinator's Award was created in 1998, specifically to recognize faculty who had volunteered their services as coordinators of the program, prior to the naming of the first Director of Women's Studies in 1990, as well as to recognize the establishment of that position. The Coordinators were Jane S. Bakerman (English), Vera G. Channels (Home Economics), Katherine Huei-Ying Huang Hsaio, and Myrna Handle (English).

Outstanding SENIOR

May, 2009: Sadie Davis (was also Student Commencement Speaker)

April, 2010:  Analyssa Noe

April, 2011:  Rachel Rose

April, 2012:  Jennifer Michels


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