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BEIT Student Organizations

BEIT students will have many opportunities to develop leadership and related skills through classroom and student organization activities. There are several organizations in the College of Business that students from various majors can join. Two important organizations in the BEIT program area are Pi Omega Pi and Business Professionals of America.

Pi Omega Pi

Pi Omega Pi (POP) is the national undergraduate business education honor society. The aims of this student professional organization include creating fellowship among teachers of business subjects, creating and encouraging interest in business education, promoting scholarship in business education, and fostering civic responsibility and high ethical standards in business and professional life. Since it is an honor society, business education majors must meet a specified grade point average and other high standards to be invited to membership in POP. Membership is an honor that you will want to include on your professional resume throughout your teaching career.

Pi Omega Pi Students Engaged in Experiential Learning Project

Several Pi Omega Pi students scripted and produced an "edutainment" program on effective credit card usage. The program was available on DVD which was be distributed to high school teachers. Sections from the production, titled "Cash Rules", were aired January 30, 2005, on the Royce Waltman Show on WTWO.

A 2 minute report of the video appears on YouTube which also has the full 19 minute version.

Business Professionals of America

Business Professionals of America (BPA) at the collegiate level provides leadership, professional learning, and networking opportunities at the local, state, and national levels. In addition, members have opportunities to socialize with other business students and faculty. Membership is open to IDEC and BE majors as well as to majors in other program areas in the College of Business. Membership provides an important dimension to the career preparation of business majors.