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MIS Career Information

Information about careers in Management Information Systems and other areas may be found in the College of Business Meis Student Development Center. Students are recommended to attend the annual Career Center Career Fairs in the fall and spring semesters.

Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts investigate business processes and determine user needs related to information-based problems. Analysts often work in a team environment.  The output from the systems analysis process is ultimately a set of detailed specifications for a new or modified system.


Programmers write computer programs according to specifications prepared by a systems analyst.  Programmers may work individually or in teams. Students who wish to be programmers can take additional programming classes offered by the Computer Science department.  A specialized area of programming, web development has become very popular.


Programmer analysts combine both of the above job categories. They serve as systems analysts, and then modify the computer programs involved in their analysis. For example, a programmer/analyst might work with the accounting department to determine that changes are necessary to the computer reports, and then actually make the programming changes.

Network/LAN Administrator

The network/LAN administrator deals with many of the aspects of user connectivity (data, voice, and video) within the organization.  Duties included such responsibilities as designing the network architecture, wiring network ports, installing file servers, maintaining user names and passwords, and trouble-shooting telecommunications problems.

Database Administrator

The database administrator is responsible for designing, implementing, and/or maintaining the database systems of the organization, including establishing policies and procedures for security, management, and maintenance.  The Database Administrator’s role includes working with end users as well as with information systems programmers and system administrators.

Consultant/Business Analyst

People in this role are involved in solving clients’ problems in a wide variety of settings. Consulting requires excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly identify and define a problem. Consultants frequently act as trainers, user support specialists, technical support specialists, or project group experts in a particular technology or method.

Representative Firms Hiring MIS Graduates

Indiana State University, State Farm, Caterpillar, USA Group/Sally Mae, Eli Lilly and Company, Arthur Anderson, Anderson Consulting/Accenture, IBM, Deloitte and Touche, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, Kimball International, M&I Data Systems, FedEx, Digital Audio Disc Corporation, Columbia House, GTE, Tivoli Systems, Nisys, George Olive, The Associates, Liberty Mutual, Harley Davidson, Applied Extrusion Technology (AET), Union Hospital, Hamilton Center, and Conseco.