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MIS Internships

You may wish to work in a career related field while you study at ISU. These positions provide much helpful background and greatly enhance your marketability as a information systems professional. Internships are particularly recommended for MIS majors. The ideal time for an internship is the summer between junior and senior years. Some students will work through two internships.

The internship can done in a variety of formats, and many companies offer structured internship opportunities during the summer. See the firms at the ISU Career Fair, particularly the fall event, for internship opportunities. Also refer to the Professional Practice section of the Career Center web site.

For those that wish to receive academic credit for an internship (MIS 439), there is a procedure to follow that provides for an approved internship. The form is available in the department office in CB 621; you must receive signatures from your employer, a supervising faculty member, and the department chairperson or program coordinator. The form specifies what you must do, and the employer must agree to the work. The course is to be taken concurrently with the internship; requests to enroll in a class after the internship is complete will be denied.