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MIS Program Technology Facilities

The MIS program offers a number of advanced technology resources for business students. The main server is misnt - operating Windows Server and acting as an important network resource for MIS and other students. There are six other servers for various purposes - image server, SQL Server, MS Project Server, financial database server, and so forth. Several servers are used as demo machines for networking and other classes. Servers are backed up over the network to a mass storage device in Holmstedt Hall.

Advanced Software Lab - CB 403

This microcomputing lab contains 32 high end workstations with specialty software not generally found in other university computing labs. Each workstation is attached via high speed network connection to the university's network of servers and ILight2. The room is equipped with a laser printer and has a push button lock for unattended access by authorized students enrolled in MIS and OMA classes. Students from other classes can use the lab when their instructor reserves the facility - contact 237-2086 for reservations.

Network LAN Management Lab - CB 304

This facility houses 12 Xeon processor servers with SCSI hard disk interface. MIS students learn how to build, configure, and maintain servers in this laboratory. The room is equipped with a push button lock for unattended access by authorized students. The room contains a router, debugging equipment, and other network test equipment.