Marketing Careers

Marketing is defined as: "The performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer." In today's increasingly competitive society, the marketing specialist adds the features of excitement, challenge, creativity, diversity, and imagination into the practice of the marketing profession. Marketing excellence has become a priority in every business organization.

Starting salaries can vary widely and are very competitive, depending on the student's background, experience, and location. The median income of marketing professionals ranks in the top 10 of 125 professions according to The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries. About 50 percent of individuals who achieve senior management ranks have a marketing background. Marketing has been recognized as a fast track to top corporate executive positions since most marketing positions require a thorough knowledge of the company, the customer, and the product.

Some of the employment opportunities in marketing include:

  • product manager
  • sports marketing
  • marketing consultant
  • retail buyer
  • fashion & apparel marketing
  • E-Commerce/web marketing
  • market researcher
  • new product development
  • demographics
  • publicity
  • bank marketing
  • health care marketing
  • stock broker trainee
  • sales promotion
  • account executive
  • advertising, copywriter
  • advertising, creative
  • advertising, media buyer
  • advertising, major account sales rep
  • advertising, print-newspaper/magazine
  • advertising, broadcast-television/radio
  • customer relations
  • marketing management
  • brand management
  • service marketing
  • government worker
  • nonprofit marketing
  • distribution channel management
  • inventory control
  • retailing, store manager
  • wholesaling
  • professional selling/sales
  • industrial selling
  • public relations
  • catalog development
  • international marketing

The successful marketing person has an awareness of new trends, people skills, communication expertise, pleasant personality, decision-making capacity, quantitative skills, and the ability to learn new marketing techniques. Needless to say, if these skills are acquired, the career opportunities are endless.