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Featured Student: Daniel Delgado

Daniel DelgadoExpected graduation date: 2018

Degree objective: Music Education – Choral Concentration

Instrument: Voice

University highlights, achievements and awards: Receiver of the Gertrude F. Meyer Scholarship. Attained the Lead Role for Indiana State University’s Spring 2016 Musical “Company.” Toured China with the Sycamore Singers. Toured Vietnam with the cast of Company. Becoming a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha – Iota Epsilon

High School: Elkhart Memorial High School

Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

Family ties to ISU: None

I chose to attend ISU because… I wanted to be successful. Also because I wanted to learn more about my passion for music and be able to teach students in high school and lower classes about the passion of music.

When I have free time, I like… play piano and sing, hang out with my Lambda Chi brothers and talk with my mom.

My favorite places on campus to study are… My room, Library, and in the commons on a Sunday when it is not too busy.

My favorite professor is… I really do not have only one favorite professors but I would say the two that equal to number one would be Dr. Terry Dean and Dr. Scott Buchanan. These two professors have been such a great help when it comes to my success, and all I have to say is, “Thank you so much for the advice and help you both have given me thus far.”

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with… Eric Whitacre, he has been an inspiration of mine because of his passion for music. Any person can tell Eric Whitacre loves making music.

If I knew I could not fail, I would… honestly in the end, go to every single one of my professors both in the School of Music and outside the School of Music and thank them for everything.

After graduation, I plan to… Find a teaching job so that I can start getting a decent income. Then maybe 5–10 years later come back to ISU for my masters in choral conducting.

The one ISU experience I will always remember is/will be… when I first step foot out on to the University Hall stage for my first Choral concert.

If I knew then what I know now, I would… have been less stressed than I am now! However, I would be very successful and continue to help my friends that come in and need help with homework and/or understanding a concept.

If I could serve as a mentor for future ISU music students, I would tell them/suggest that they… need to stay on top of their studies, if they start falling behind do NOT be afraid to go to their professor. The professors within the School of Music are very understanding and willing to help in any way they can.