Jon Bacon

Hydrite Chemical Company,
Regional Quality Control Manager

Chemistry B.S., 1993

I began my career as a professional chemist in 1993 by responding to a job posting from Hydrite Chemical Company displayed in the ISU Department of Chemistry. I was actually offered a position as Quality Control Chemist before my B.S. Degree was awarded. As a Quality Control Chemist I was responsible for the analytical testing of inorganic chemical solutions used in food manufacturing. Being the only chemist in the lab and at the facility at the time, I quickly realized that the position was going to be more than just someone who was in the lab running chemical and instrumental tests, but was also going to include my oversight in the total quality of products manufactured at the facility. Because of this, I soon became involved in purchasing of chemical raw materials for our production. Additionally, I also directed manufacturing and shipping equipment cleaning and compatibility requirements.

Within two years I was promoted to Quality Control Laboratory Manager and took on additional staffing and budgetary responsibilities. I also helped train new production employees in our quality and cleanliness policies and procedures. Operational coordination and consultation for our new facility manager was added during this period and Quality became an integrated part of operations as well as the lab. Additional testing equipment and procedures were added to meet the needs of our expanding product lines and additional lab staff was added as well.

I have recently been promoted to Regional Quality Control Manager and have added the responsibility of overseeing a Chicago, IL, QC Lab. Facility Regulatory and Safety coordination have also been added to my duties in Terre Haute, IN.

Outside of my responsibilities at Hydrite Chemical Company, my professional experience has led me to involvement with the Vigo County Local Emergency Planning Committee, the Environmental Sub-committee of the Greater Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and the Wabash Valley Section of the American Chemical Society.

The general chemical knowledge, trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills developed during my college education have flexibly applied to the Food Safety, Quality, Regulatory, Safety and Environmental needs in both my work and non-work professional activities. My communication skills, initiated at ISU, have been strengthened through professional training. Clearer communication of ideas, along with the recognition of group and individual needs, has helped advance my career.

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