Laurence D. Rosenhein

Larry Rosenhein

Associate Professor Emeritus
Inorganic-Organometallic Chemistry

B.S., 1973, S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook
Ph.D., 1981, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Postdoctoral Experience
1981-1985 C.F. Kettering Laboratory, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Office: S-051E
Phone: (812) 237-2243

Research Summary

Dr. Rosenhein's research is in the area of synthetic organometallic chemistry, with a particular interest in metal complexes with sulfur-containing ligands. The coordinated sulfur can undergo reactions and one of the research goals is to obtain more information on the extent of this behavior. Compounds of the form Fe(CNR)4(SR')2 exist in both the cis and trans geometries, and have different electrochemical properties depending on the geometry. The dependence on R and R' of the rate of isomerization from the trans to cis forms, and the behavior of the compounds upon oxidation are being studied.

There is evidence that it may be possible to make similar compounds with other transition metals such as chromium and vanadium. These compounds will be deficient in electrons, in contrast to the iron system which has the "right" number of electrons for this class of compounds.

Also under investigation are binuclear compounds which undergo multiple electron-transfers: (CO)4Mo(µ2-SPh)2Mo(CO)4. The effect of partial substitution of carbonyl ligands by phosphine ligands on the electrochemistry is being studied.

In a collaborative project, peroxo compounds of vanadium and other metals are being synthesized. The biological behavior of these compounds is being investigated by Drs. Reuland and Ganguli of ISU.


1. D.A. Morgenstern, G.M. Ferrence, J. Washington, J.I. Henderson, L. Rosenhein, J.D. Heise, P.E. Fanwick, C.P. Kubiak, "A Class of Halide-Supported Trinuclear Nickel Cluster [Ni33L)(µ3-X)(µ-dppm)3]n+(L=I-, Br-, CO, CNR;X=I-, Br-;n=0, 1;dppm=Ph2PCH2PPh2):Novel Physical Properties and the Fermi Resonance of Symmetric µ3-1 Bound Isocyanide Ligands," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 1996, 118, 2198

2. J. Liu, D.J. Reuland, L.Rosenhein, Z.X Cao, L.A. Franklin, S. Ganguli, "Differential Effects of Oxovanadiums and Insulin on Glucose and Lactate Metabolism Under In Vivo and In Vitro Conditions," Metabolism, 1997, 46, 562

3. D.J. Reuland, Z.X. Cao, L. Rosenhein, S. Poehlein, L. McCoy, J. Turner, T. Durham, S. Ganguli, "The Cellular Uptake Kinetics and Acute Biological Effects of Various Oxovanadium Species: A Comparative Study," Hormone and Metabolic Research, 1998, 30, 29.

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