Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction - Courses Information

The program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to prepare students for positions of educational leadership and research in public schools, colleges and universities, and governmental agencies.  The program requires the student to successfully complete a minimum of 72 hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor’s degree and to write and defend a doctoral dissertation as prescribed in the regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.  The areas of specialization are secondary education, elementary education, early childhood education, educational technology, English education, history education, industrial technology education, math education, Language education, special education, and Teaching and Learning.

Educational Foundation (6 hours minimum)

Educational Foundations

Inquiry Studies (12 hours minimum)

Inquiry Studies

B. Inquiry Studies (12 hours minimum)

Purpose: To develop competency in statistics, measurement, and research in education.

Choose one of the following groups:


Curriculum and Instruction (24 hours minimum)

Curriculum and Instruction

Area of Specialization (24 hours minimum)

Area of Specialization

D. Area of Specialization (24 hours minimum)

Purpose: To enable the student to develop either (a) further specialization in curriculum, instruction, or supervision, or (b) a specialized program emphasizing secondary education, business education, English, industrial technology education, media technology, or any other approved area. Some specializations have required courses in addition to electives.

Courses are drawn from content areas.

Related Studies (0 to 6 hours)

Related Studies

E. Related Studies (0 to 6 hours)

Purpose: Courses from content areas may be selected to enhance special competencies in the area of specialization.

Courses are drawn from content areas.