Graduate Course Catalog

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction program is a non-degree, licensure program only. Completion of the program qualifies the student to hold the Indiana licensure  of Director of Curriculum and Instruction, qualifying the student to be a licensed director of curriculum and instruction in a school district. The program includes coursework in curriculum, educational administration and educational foundations.

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Previous graduate coursework may be substitutable for select courses in the Director of Curriculum and Instruction program. Your specific circumstance will be evaluated by a member of the faculty at the time of admission. While course sequencing is generally patterned, the curriculum is sufficiently flexible that a person can begin coursework in any semester or over the summer, although a fall start is generally optimum.

CIMT 611 Measurement and Evaluation in Education (3 hours)

CIMT 660 Curriculum Fundamentals (3 hours)

CIMT 675 Supervision of Instruction (3 hours)

CIMT 770 Curriculum Development (3 hours)

CIMT 775  Action Research Education (3 hours)

EDLR 605 Philosophy of Education (3 hours)

EDLR 650 Foundations of Educational Leadership (3 hours)

EDLR 655 Legal Aspects of School Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 656 School and Community: Collaborating for Effective Schools (3 hours)

EDLR 683 Leadership for Learning Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to Support Improved Student performance (3 hours)

EDLR 751 Administration of School Personnel (3 hours)

EDLR 754 School Business Administration (3 hours)

EDLR 759 Seminar in School Superintendency (3 hours)

EDLR 790 Individual Research and Study (1-3 hours)

EPSY 621 Development Through the Lifespan (3 hours)

Choose from one of the following

CIMT 610 Research in Education (3 hours)

COUN 620 Foundations of Research (3 hours)

EPSY 620 Foundations of Qualitative and Quantitative Research (3 hours)

an approved equivalent.

Choose from one of the following

SPED 601 Education of Exceptional Children (3 hours)

SPED 607 Diversity and Disability in Today’s Schools (3 hours)

approved equivalent.