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Program Faculty

Dr. Brad Balch
Dean Emeritus and Professor
(812) 237-2802

Dr. Ryan Donlan
Associate Professor
Interim Chair, Teaching & Learning Department
(812) 237-8624

Dr. Amy French
Program Coordinator, Student Affairs and Higher Education
Assistant Professor
(812) 237-2869

Dr. Steve Gruenert
(812) 237-2906

Dr. Kandace Hinton
Program Coordinator, Higher Education Leadership Program
Raleigh Holmstedt Distinguished Professor
(812) 237-2897

Dr. Mary Howard-Hamilton
Department Chair, Educational Leadership
Distinguished Research Professor
(812) 237-2902

Jon Iftikar
Assistant Professor
(812) 237-3804

Dr. Jack Maynard
Director, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship MBA in Educational Leadership
Professor and Provost Emeritus
(812) 237-2108

Dr. Terry McDaniel
Program Coordinator, K-12 Administration, Ph.D. & Ed.S.
Advisor & Professor
(812) 237-3862

Dr. Bobbie Jo Monahan
Program Coordinator, K-12 Administration Principal Program & M.Ed.
Senior Instructor & Advisor
(812) 237-2935