BCOE Mentoring Program




  • A community for making connections!

    BCOE Mentor_Lauren
    “I love that the BCOEMP is a community where students can form connections with others who share the same passion of learning and helping those around them.”Lauren Holden
  • Everyone feels welcome!

    Sarah Cieslak's testimony
    "I love how the BCOE Mentoring Program makes everyone feel welcome."Sarah Cieslak
  • Connecting students across all walks of life

    BCOE Mentor_Carolyn
    “I love how the BCOEMP connects students across all academic years and walks of life together to build a community of students who are dedicated to learn and succeed.”Carolyn Engle
  • Supporting freshmen

    BCOE Mentor_Morgan
    "I like knowing that freshmen in the SLP program have some sort of support that I felt I was missing my first year."Morgan Hocking
  • Resource to help students become acquainted with ISU

    BCOE Mentor_Jordyn
    “I think the BCOEMP is a great resource to help BCOE students become acquainted with Indiana State. I like being able to be there for others that need a helping hand through their first years at ISU and be a friendly face to them around campus!”Jordyn Davis