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IITS Mission Statement

The purpose of IITS is to facilitate the utilization of instructional and informational technologies by the faculty, staff, and students in the Bayh College of Education. This mission includes:

  • Supporting the technology needs of faculty and students as they relate to learning, instruction, and research, as well as the initiatives designed to help faculty infuse relevant information technology into the professional education programs
  • Offering instructional delivery systems and current digital technology for educational productions to Bayh College of Education faculty, staff, and students
  • Coordinating all facets of technology in the Bayh College of Education, including the procurement, installation, utilization, support and management of the information technology resources and facilities
  • Providing technical support to the Bayh College of Education - Information Technology Advisory Committee.
  • Assistance in implemting new instructional strategies to be utilized throughout the Bayh College of Education.
  • Research into bleeding edge curricular strategies in order to optimize the learning experience at ISU.