Digital Data Storage Tool


Digital Data Storage Tool - Introduction

Introduction: Use the Data Storage Tool, click on a drive listed to the below.

Utilize this tool to build your awareness on where to store appropriate data within the ISU network.  There are many different storage spaces at ISU and each has a particular function for it's use.  For each space available, this tool will provide you with an outline of what data should be stored on the drive.

Map Network Drives

Digital Data Storage Tool - Network Drive

Indiana State University provides each faculty and staff member with access to a network storage drive.  These drives can be mapped from your ISU owned computer by OIT.  You may watch the videos here to see how the mapping is done for your computer.

How to connect to network drive via MyISU

The document will show you how to connect to your ISU network drive via the MyISU login.  This can be accomplished from either on campus or off campus.

Map Network Drive - PC

Home (H:) Drive

Digital Data Storage Tool - Home Drive - Description

Your Home Drive (H Drive) is for storing your personal university-related documents. Only you can access this data. This drive cannot share files with anyone else.

Examples of files to save on the H: drive

  • FERPA, HIPAA, or other classified documents.
  • Student Data: any documents containing student data such as names or personal identifying information.



Digital Data Storage Tool - Home Drive - Quota

ISU faculty and staff members are alloted 2GB of storage space on their H drive, by default.  However, if you should feel that you require more than the 2GB quota you are provided, you may request additional space.  Any requests should be directed to the help desk by calling (812) 237-2910.

Departmental (L:) Drive

Digital Data Storage Tool - Departmental (L:) Drive - Description

The departmental drive (L:) is designed to provide file sharing abilities among members of a department or departmental members.  These drives are commonly divided up into folders and files that may be set as private or set up with permissions that allow only certain members of the group to view.


  • Curricular Documents
  • Research data and documents (no private data can be contained that contains subject or student identification)
  • Committee/Departmental meeting minutes or collaborative work.

Digital Data Storage Tool - Departmental (L:) Drive - Quota

Data storage in the L: drive is determined by OIT and can be altered at the request of your department chair/supervisor.

Cloud (Coming Soon)

Digital Data Storage Tool - Cloud Storage Drive

ISU offers cloud storage to their faculty and staff members.  We currently use _____.  The client for _____ is already installed on your university supplied computer.


**insert the features of cloud storage choice here**



Digital Data Storage Tool - email - Description

ISU faculty and staff members are provided with email directly from the university. Students are provided with an Office 365 account from Microsoft. All faculty, staff, and students are required to use ISU email if they are corresponding with a university official. Alumni of ISU will have access to their email accounts for 1 calendar year after graduation. After this time period you accounts will be deleted.

Digital Data Storage Tool - email - quota

As of fall 2016 all faculty and staff members will have an email quota of 2GB by default, and their online archive will have a quota of 5GB.  Both of these are subject to the ISU retention policy.  You can read more about it here.

Digital Data Storage Tool - email - retention

For ISU faculty and staff, there is a new email retention policy.  For the full policy please read here, for the highlights read below.

  1. The system default for deleting an electronic mail message is now six months (180 days), as opposed to what it has been (Never Delete).
  2. Your e-mail archive is now on central storage, not on your hard drive. 
  3. To retain messages longer than six months, we use Outlook “tags.”