Pray, Meditate, Reflect

In response to students' request for a place to pray, meditate, or reflect, room 008I in University Hall has been designated as a Quiet Room.  This is a private space for students, faculty, and staff to take time to meet religious or nonreligious needs for quiet contemplation.  In addition, the room serves a dual purpose as a lactaction space for breastfeeding mothers.

The room is furnished with simple, comfortable furniture: a loveseat and chair, side table, and lamps, a bookcase to store backpacks, an area rug, and a privacy screen.  Students wishing to store personal itmes are able to reserve lockers in the outer hallway.

Policies for use of the Quiet Room are as follows:

  • Users must register and check out a key at the Instructional Resources Center (IRC), room 008J.
  • The room may not be reserved; usage is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Users may stay in the room for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. Users must wait at least one hour from returning the key before checking it out again.
  • Users can be in the room individually or in groups. The whole group is bound to the same 20-minute usage period.
  • No furniture may be moved.
  • No items may be left in the room permanently. Students wishing to store personal items are able to reserve lockers in the outer hallway.
  • No flyers, posters, or announcements may be posted inside the room or on the outside area.
  • There is no smoking, including electronic cigarettes or vaping, or burning of candles, incense, or other materials allowed.
  • All users must adhere to the policies of the University, as detailed in the University Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct. Consequences for policy violation may include losing the privilege of using the Quiet Room.
  • Breastfeeding mothers must provide their own equipment. Breast pumps may not be stored in the room.
  • Expressed breast milk may be stored in the refrigerator in the IRC until the end of the day. The milk must be in a sealed container and marked with the date and the mother’s name.