Tk20 is an online data management support system, created for the collection and evaluation of performance data as well as a comprehensive top down management of academic activities at the Bayh College of Education.  This incredibly powerful software will allow for data analyses at multiple levels providing a useful tool to manage our growth.  Everything within the Tk20 system is customized to the BCOE and is designed to provide you with a great educational opportunity.  Tk20 will help ensure that our programs continually strive to reach and exceed their excellence goals while maintaining our national accreditation, which enhances the value of the BCOE degree you receive.

Login to Tk20

**NOTE** Do not use this password reset if you use your ISU login for Tk20.  This is only for those people who do not have an ISU account.

Reset your password for Tk20

For users with an ISU account and need to reset their password, click here and select, "Forgot/Change Your Password?" under the login box, then follow the prompts. You will be asked to answer your secret questions after entering your University username and then you can change your password. If you cannot remember your answers or have not input your secret questions and answers, you will need to contact the Technology Assistance Group at x2910.

Some examples of what Tk20 allows you to

  • Create your personal key assessments and performance artifacts that you can use after you have graduated from the BCOE.
  • Create multimedia portfolios for professional presentations that can be exported to portable media (CD, DVD)
  • Monitor your progression through your degree.
  • Apply for our Becoming a Complete Professional program.
  • Upload example videos that demonstrate your ability.

Your instructor will let you know if Tk20 is required for your course.  The BCOE has a list of trigger courses that will automatically apply the Tk20 fee to your tuition.  The cost for Tk20 is a one time, non-refundable $100.  The account will be active for 7 years and can be renewed after if you choose.