What are assignments in Tk20?

Assignments in Tk20 are just like assignments in a class.  Assignments are smaller activities that students will turn in some proof of concept as evidence of their learning gained through the exercise.  Assignments in Tk20 may only have one attachment.  If you are needing to have more than one attached document to this assignment you will need to create a course binder.


The following 5 steps are a guideline of how to create an assignment template and send that template out.  You only need to setup the template one time and after that may skip to step 2.  This guide does include how to connect your Tk20 to Blackboard Assignments.  This is useful for several reasons, but the main reason is that your students will only have to submit the assignment one time and you will only have the enter the grade one time instead of the current 2 times.  Most of the links here are videos provided by TK20 to walk through how to complete the task. 

  • Step 1. Only done the first time! You must create an assignment template to send out to your students.  Click here for a video.
  • Step 2. Send out the assignment to students.  Watch this video.
  • Step 3.  Optional – Send out the assignment in Blackboard.  See demonstration.
  • Step 4. Students submit the assignment via Blackboard.
  • Step 5. Faculty assess student submissions.

What are some things I may need to know?

How do I recall an assignment? Recalling an assignment may be necessary if the student needs to resubmit for any reason, or if there is a correction that needs to be made to that assignment. Students may need to recall a submitted assignment as well and can do it like so.

What if I am having trouble with the LMS?
Here is a troubleshooting guide for faculty and students.

What if I need to grant an extension?
Here is how to grant an extension.

How do I open coursework for editing after submission?
Here is the guide.