Physician Assistant

ISU Physician Assistant Veteran Outreach

Military EmblemsA quarter of veterans returning from active duty return to a rural area (Dept. Veterans Affairs) which makes them good candidates to train as PAs within the rural communities. ISU is a cost effective option for military medics, corpsmen, and other professionals to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant. Developing this relationship is an effort to foster a direct link of excellent PA candidates to this program. Veterans of the United States armed forces, reservists, or active duty applicants will receive 5 points toward their admission score in our program’s CASPA application rubric.

Read about some considerations for potential veteran applicants or active duty individuals

We are looking for caring, compassionate individuals who want to serve their communities as primary care providers as part of a Physician / PA team. Indiana State’s PA program is designed with evidence-based medicine and culturally sensitive provision of care as guiding principles. We intend to attract and retain a diverse student body.

Program Structure

  • Master’s level program of 93 credit hours accomplished over 7 consecutive semesters beginning every January 
  • 30 students accepted annually
  • Graduates will be qualified to sit for the national certifying exam known as the PANCE. (Successful completion of this exam is required in all states to obtain licensure)
  • A 15 month didactic and 12 month clinical rotations curriculum
  • Clinical sites located throughout Indiana as well as the option of more distant sites upon approval
  • Numerous opportunities for interprofessional education with Indiana State University Physical Therapy, Nursing, and Athletic Training students, as well as IUSM-TH medical students
  • Collaboration with the Rural Health Innovation Collaborative
  • Sycamore Physician Assistant Rural Care Scholarship/Award beginning Spring Semester 2022

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  • Apply through the Centralized Application Service for PA’s (CASPA)
  • Preference is given to Indiana Residents and to Graduates of Indiana State University.
  • As of March 2, 2022, this program is on a Rolling Admissions model.  Each admission cycle will close on March 1.
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) 3.0 in undergraduate studies
  • Graduate Record Examination* (GRE) (recommended 155 verbal, 155 quantitative, 4.0 Written). Beginning with the application cycle starting March 4, 2024, the ISU PA Program will no longer require the GRE.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Veterans, Active Duty, or Reservists receive 5 points in the CASPA admissions scoring rubric.
  • Personal statement
  • For prerequisite course work, review Admission Criteria
  • A minimum of 500 hours healthcare / direct patient care experience is required.
  • Pre-PA Courses & Automatic Interview Option for ISU graduates
  • Application and Interview Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Cost to Attend

Mission, Goals, Competencies, and Accreditation

Policies and Procedures

The PA Program staff and faculty are dedicated to your educational success. Professional development and intellectual growth are goals each student can attain with the guidance of staff and faculty. Program staff and students both have a responsibility to communicate regularly. Students who encounter issues should contact an advisor as soon as possible. Students must also immediately inform the program of any change in address and/or telephone number in order to maintain proper channels of communication.