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ASSESS for Success Conference - Request for Proposals

Indiana State University's fifth annual Assess for Success Conference is scheduled for February 27, 2015.  The conference will include posters and concurrent workshops, panel discussions, and presentations by ISU faculty, staff, and students, and a keynote address and interactive workshop on assigning and assessing writing across the disciplines conducted by Dr. Brian Huot, professor of English at Kent State University. 

The conference planning coordinators invite the submission of proposals for concurrent sessions and poster presentations from ISU faculty, staff, and students.  Proposals will be accepted through November 21.  Selections will be made through peer review.  Concurrent sessions provide an opportunity for ISU faculty, staff, and students to share knowledge and skills they have developed in the area of assessment. The Assess for Success conference is meant as an opportunity to share such assessment approaches and engage in a conversation about them.  Concurrent sessions can be either presentations, workshops, or panel discussions of 50 minutes in length.   Poster presentations provided the opportunity to showcase good practices in assessment discussions between presenters and attendees. Additional information concerning the concurrent sessions and the posters is included in the proposal form, available here.  Questions about concurrent sessions (presentations, workshops, or panel discussions should be directed to Shelley Arvin, chair of the Concurrent Sessions Subcommittee.  Questions about the poster session should be directed to Denise Collins, chair of the Poster Session Subcommittee.

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Assess for Success
Indiana State's 5th annual assessment conference
February 27, 2015

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to the Assess for Success Conference.  Sessions are designed to showcase good practices in the assessment of student achievement in academic and co-curricular programs.

  • 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM: Poster session
           Light refreshments will be provided

  • 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM: Concurrent Panels and Presentations

  • 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM: Concurrent Panels and Presentations

  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Lunch and Keynote Address

  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Workshop
          The focus of this interactive workshop will be on assigning and assessing writing across disciplines.

The keynote address and afternoon workshop will be presented by Dr. Brian Huot, Professor of English at Kent State University. Dr. Huot is a contributing scholar to the literature on the teaching and assessing of writing and has served as consultant for various institutions. Information about Dr. Huot is available at

There is no cost to attend or participate. Conference registration will open in January.


Multi-State Collaborative to advance Learning outcomes assessment

Indiana State University is one of 68 colleges and universities in nine states participating in a pilot initiative to assess student achievement of cross-cutting learning outcomes important to all disciplines.  During the initial phase, student achievement in critical thinking, qualitative literacy, and written communication will be assessed using authentic student work submitted as a part of regular course assignments, such as projects, papers, and exams.  The project is intended to produce meaningful data to assist the university to enhance student success.  The Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment (MSC) is sponsored by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), working in partnership with the nine participating states and institutions.  Additional information about the MSC is available here.



Deadlines for documenting assessment progress in TaskStream are:

2012-2013 Assessment Cycle
Assessment Plan Assessment Findings Action Plan Status Report
Sep. 1, 2012 Sep. 1, 2013 Dec. 1, 2013 May 1, 2014

2013-2014 Assessment Cycle
Assessment Plan Assessment Findings Action Plan Status Report
Sep. 1, 2013 Sep. 1, 2014 Dec. 1, 2014 May 1, 2015

2014-2015 Assessment Cycle
Assessment Plan Assessment Findings Action Plan Status Report
Sep. 1, 2014 Sep. 1, 2015 Dec. 1, 2015 May 1, 2016

Additional information about expectations and timelines for assessment of academic programs is available here.

HLC Academy for Assessment of Student Learning 

ISU has joined the HLC Academy for Assessment of Student Learning.  This four-year, facilitated process focuses on student achievement of four Foundational Studies learning outcomes.  Details about the project are available here.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

- Examples of program educational objectives and student learning outcomes at ISU

Click Here for Helpful Links and Resources:

There is a wealth of information available on the web concerning higher education assessment including journals, other higher education institutions, and various higher education assessment organizations. 


As part of ISU's continuous improvement efforts, the Office of Institutional Research administers the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE), the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE).  The BCSSE, NSSE, and FSSE results for 2012-13 may be found by clicking here.