Free Summer Camp Opportunity ! 

The College of Technology is pleased to announce this FREE summer camp opportunity! Register now, camp is limited to 20 participants.



Main Indiana State COVID-19 page - Contains general information as well as specific information for students, their families, faculty and staff

Residential Life - FAQ for students 

Sycamores Care - Relief funds for students

Give to Blue Day - Thank you to everyone who participated in Give to Blue Day! 


  • Being Open Minded and Staying Involved

    “I like the workplace balance, and the organizational development and since I’ve been in my major and getting involved, I feel like it really fits me—helping employees.”
  • From Singing to Safety Management

    “The safety management program has a wide variety of teachers and instructors. Their combined experience is really remarkable, and I don’t think any safety program can match the knowledge of all of our instructors.”
  • Women in STEM

    State’s College of Technology has employed strategies over the past 15 years to increase the enrollment, persistence and success of women in engineering and technology fields.
  • Meet our Faculty

    “I wanted to do more hands-on projects that would allow students to see how the process works in construction, holistically.”
  • Sycamore join Fight against COVID

    Indiana State student and Airtech, Inc. intern Moammer Efenti is also working on the frontlines of the project in the fight against coronavirus.
  • Career Readiness

    Dan Dix, Safety Management Alumnus, now a Training Specialist at Robinson Refinery, Marathon Petroleum Company talks about how Indiana State University students bring credibility, work ethic, accountability which ties into the university’s efforts in career readiness.
  • 30 state-of-the-art labs

  • 26 tech-specific student orgs

  • 10 years
    of FIT conferences