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  • Career possibilities abound in construction management field

    Wright Construction Siblings - People of State
    “The possibilities in this field are endless and you can mold them to fit your lifestyle and wants. I like that it's not limited to being in the office all the time.” -- Chris Wright
  • Taking a non-traditional path at Indiana State

    Cole Weathers - People of State
    "I wasn’t sure about what I should major in when I returned to school, but I knew I wanted something that would connect me directly with employers and better job opportunities after graduation." -- Cole Weathers
  • Women in STEM

    State’s College of Technology has employed strategies over the past 15 years to increase the enrollment, persistence and success of women in engineering and technology fields.
  • Indiana State Alum credits his path to experiences at State

    Ben Baumgart - People of State
    "Indiana State has the resources to help people become who they want to be as long as people come wishing to develop themselves as individuals."
  • Learning from others and improving the world

    Chris Barlow - People of State
    “He gave me the truth about how the industry works and how I can better myself each and every day and get closer to my dream.”
  • 30+ laboratories

  • 18 student orgs

  • 14 years
    of Females in Technology (Fit) conferences