Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

I’m pleased that you have come to our website! The College of Arts and Sciences is ISU’s largest and most diverse academic unit, offering 43 undergraduate majors, 44 minors, 16 masters programs, and 3 doctoral programs across sixteen academic departments. CAS faculty members are award-winning teachers, scholars, and they also engage in community and academic service. Students who major in an Arts and Sciences discipline (as with all academic programs at ISU) will engage in experiential learning and community engagement throughout their academic program.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the academic backbone of the university. It is home to the majority of ISU’s Foundational Studies courses and also houses disciplines that comprise the liberal arts. Regardless of your major, students who major in the liberal arts leave college with strong communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. A degree in the liberal arts trains you to write well and cultivates your ability to approach and solve problems from a variety of perspectives. These are skills that employers value. It is our contention that a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences will provide these kinds of skills that will help you succeed, whether your immediate goal is to seek employment after graduate or pursue graduate studies.

We invite you to peruse the pages in this website and to visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indianastatecas. See what our departments have to offer. After you do so, I think you will see why so many students choose to come to ISU and find their niche in a major within Arts and Sciences. 

Warm Regards,
John Murray, Dean


Faculty Showcase

Isaac Land
War, Nationalism, and the British Sailor

Association for Integrated Studies
Supporting Member

Walking Quest
MFA Thesis Exhibition, Spring 2011

BS Senior Exhibit
Turman Art Gallery

Clay and Context
University Art Gallery

Juried Student Exhibition
University Art Gallery

BFA Exhibit
University Art Gallery

Conversations with Tea
MFA Thesis Exhibition - Spring 2011